Melech DJ Mix – April 2020

Angela – I Gotta Little Love
SHMLSS – We Just Edit
Fort Romeau – K.O.N.T.R.O.L
Rollover Milano – System (Moscoman Edit)
Donald Dust – Flashback Souvenir
Blinky – House In My House
Echonomist – The Sequence Cabinet
Pale Blue – I Walk Alone At Night
Smallpeople – In the Jungle
Alex Medina – Golden Teacher
D.K. – Code Breaker
Avision – Innocence
Elkka – Avante Garde
Lauren Flax – One Man’s House Is Another Woman’s Techno
Logic 1000 – Derriere
Nathan Melja – Synthesthesia (Periah Remix)
Paranoid London – Dunn 4 Money (Paranoid London Edit)
SRVD – Black On Black
Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!
BDB – Boss Rhythm
Kasper Marott – Sky Dreams
Karenn – Raz
Mall Grab – Hidden Worlds

Photo by Veronica Melkonian


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