Jackson and his Computer Band return!

Finally! It only took 8 years!

We are huge fans of Jackson and his Computer Band. His debut album Smash came out well before Cross by Justice and it’s obvious that record had a huge influence on the later duo.

Now there is a new album, Glow, released on 2nd September through Warp and from the video above it’s obviously going to be amazing. We can’t wait!

Here is some blurb from Jackson himself:

“About the record I have no idea. I kept only the bits when I lost control of myself. I feel fine about it’s emotional range. But I still wonder what made me do it.

I hope it’s fun and gives people some bravery and suspicious feelings about the state. I also hope it creates a great feeling of tenderness as well as the strength to carry a monster truck with just one hand.

The live show is the birth of the Computerband aka the mechanical beat engine… hand made and manually played… sweat and steel for flashing beauty. It’s also the opportunity for me to make my music with the audience and no longer need to watch a screen.”

Pre-order the album from Bleep.

Live Dates

June 15th – Sonar Festival Barcelona, Spain (Tickets)
July 5th – Astropolis Brest, France (Tickets)
July 6th – Eurockeennes, Belfort, France (Tickets)
July 8th – Calvi on the Rocks, Calvi, Corsica (Tickets)
July 18th – Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium (Tickets)
August 10th – Summer Sonic, Japan (Tickets)
August 31st – Zürich Openair, Switzerland (Tickets)


1. Blow
2. Seal
3. Dead Living Things
4. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
5. Orgysteria
6. Blood Bust
7. Memory
8. Arp #1
9. Pump
10. More
11. Vista
12. Billy

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