DRM RLL PLS Mix 001 – Budakan

for 2012, we are launching a new series of monthly mixes by DRM RLL PLS DJ’s and maybe even some guests. Kicking things off is Budakan.

DRM RLL PLS Mix 001 – Budakan

1. Outkast Featuring Slimm Calhoun & C-Bone – Gangsta Sh*T
2. Kid Tommy – Alarm Riddim (Cdbl Remix)
3. Seiji – Frustratin
4. Tk – Line Of Light (Canblaster Remix Dreamy Version)
5. Pa Fa Twa – Ain’T Scared Of Death
6. Little Jinder – Keep On Dreaming (Deadboy Remix)
7. MJ Cole – Tgv
8. Booka Shade – In White Rooms
9. Roska – Elevated Levels – Zed Bias Remix
10.Submo – Test Dem (King James & Budakan Remix)

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