Arcade Fire put HTML5 to the test..


Times are changing on the internet…. As most of you geeks know the internet is pretty much made up of html code… html 4 at the moment…. Well now…

HTML5 is under development and we are starting to see the first applications of it (its been around since early 2008)

We’ve done a bit of research and here are some of the things HTML5 will do for us in the near future.

– Drag n drop support – (Drag your files directly to and from your desktop into the Internets storage)

– Video! fully integrated so things like iPhone will be playing vids more readily.

– Crazy search functions – As in – pages will be divided up into content specific sections meaning when you search for a product, you specifically search the product sections of the pages in the web, not just a mass off words and code, this could work for contact details, pictures, songs whatever.

Here is Chris Milks and Aaron Koblin (google)s interactive video for the Arcade Fire – the song –  “We Used To Wait”

It uses HTML5 code and is “Geopersonalised” meaning – it uses your location to combine video and flash to customize your experience of the film. ENJOY.

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