Are you ready for Bestival?

Bestival is drawing closer and this means one thing… Mr Motivator dancing around in his Lycra suit. On a stage. In front of thousands of people. Copying him. hell yeah!

That said, what we are most pumped for is Chic featuring Nile Rogers. If you don’t know who Nile Rogers is you should wiki him NOW, he only wrote and produced hit tracks for Madonna, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Duran Duran, Sister Sledge and (ahem) Micheal Bolton. This guy wrote almost every 80’s smash song.

Some people have snubbed Bestival this year, ‘the line up isn’t good enough’… Thing is Bestival isn’t just about the line up (which is pretty buzzin), it’s about the vibe, the weird walks in the woods, the toboggan (I know!); there’s nothing wanky about this festival, it’s fun and carefree with no bollocks hipster shit attached to it… there’s even fancy dress Saturday’s. Let’s make one thing clear here, Bestival has it’s name for a reason..

This years fancy D theme… Fantasy has been subject to many a pub table conversation. A bit more vague than last years Space theme but we’re sure there’ll be plenty of bondage roaming around (well at least we hope so).

Check out the full line up here

Oh did we forget to mention that DRM RLL PLS’ very own David Harks will be performing with the Midnight Knights at 10pm on Friday night at The Bimble Inn? Don’t miss their debut show.

see you all there. We’ll be posting up a full review next week.

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