The Glitch Mob remix competition

I read a tweet by Skream the other day that said ‘remix competitions = free remix’. I can see his point here. Using the word ‘competition’ is a good way to get hundreds of bedroom producers to work for free. On the plus side though, it’s a great opportunity to expose new talent and for many people starting out, looking at how a track has been put together is a tutorial like no other.

So I received the below e-mail and thought it looked honest enough…

The Glitch Mob recently dropped the first remix of tracks from their Drink The Sea album and have opened up Fistful of Silence (Eskmo Remix) as a free download.

And after massive feedback from people wanting to take a crack at a remix, we decided to announce the Remix It Like You Stole It competition. Since the album is instrumental, also opened it up for MCs and vocalist that want to add a vox spin to the mix.

Winners will have their remix featured with more well-known names in a full release for the Fall with all proceeds benefiting a charity for Haiti.

Contest Portal:
Fistful of Silence (ESKMO Remix):
Post Materials, Players & Press Kit:

feel free to forward us your work if you decide to have a go at this!

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