DRM RLL PLS @ The Great Escape

DRM RLL PLS went to Brighton last weekend to check out the host of bands playing over the three days. There was a lot of walking and over the three days the below acts impressed the most.

Real Estate

I saw Real Estate upstairs at Audio. They were very good and had everyone hooked. No one left the room and no one went to the toilet. That’s a very good thing to achieve if you are a band no one knows. They also have a great ear for a melody and I can imagine listening to their music all throughout the summer. Feel good stuff that makes you feel warm inside.

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters destroyed Digital. Best show of the weekend. I feel ashamed for not knowing about these guys already. quality non-genre specific sounds. Possibly my favorite new band.

Dappled Cities

Dappled Cities also played at Digital. They kept the crowd entertained and looked like they were having fun on stage. that’s always a good thing to see. They threw a big stuffed Dolphin toy into the crowd which after being thrown around for 10 minutes got ripped to pieces. That was also a good thing to see.

Theophilus London

Theophilus London played at Horatio’s bar on the Saturday night of TGE. Most people by this point had given up going to see anyone and as a result the venue was only a third full. However, Theophilus London was brilliant and is definitely a big name to watch.

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